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Be Brave and Believe

is a not for profit organization, raising money to help families fighting cancer.

BB&B is the brainchild of Christine Glen-Coussée, singer, teacher, wife, mother, cancer fighter.

“Fighting cancer is an epic physical, emotional and spiritual journey.

Non-medical expenses average over $48,000 per patient during treatment and recovery; the non-monetary toll on a family unit can be even more profound. It takes an army of dedicated family, friends, practitioners, nurses, doctors and everyday angels to navigate and persevere through every step.

I had an incredible community supporting me: friends, family, people from all areas of my life came together to help my family. They made dinners, cleaned bathrooms, drove my kids to school and activities. They even helped with my Christmas shopping. These – and so many other – acts of generosity went on and on. It was overwhelming, humbling, so helpful and inherently beautiful at the same time.

Christine Glen-Coussée

Christine Glen-Coussée – Photo: Stephanie Beeley

Through countless hours in the hospital, I wondered, what happens to the people who don’t have the amazing support I do?

My mission became clear: Pay it forward.

Be Brave & Believe was born of this mantra, and my own personal experience. Through diagnosis, chemo, surgeries, surviving, and thriving still, today, my community has been steadfast and vital to my family’s well being. Every patient, every family, deserves this same support.

We’re here to give it.”

As Christine passed away in September 2016, we are very glad to announce that the organization will be run by her surviving husband, Pol Coussée and her brother Edward (Eddie) Glen.

Together with several of Christine’s close friends, supportive sponsors and dedicated volunteers, we will continue the BB&B mission to make a difference.